Vineyard Employee Recognition Program

Established in 2018, the Vineyard Employee Recognition Award is presented to local vineyard employees who are achieving excellence in the workplace. Employees are recognized and rewarded for individual achievement and exceptional performance. Each month highlights a different theme, showcasing the various skills and numerous contributions of Sonoma County’s vineyard employees.

Nominations are accepted each month under the month’s specific theme (e.g. safety, leadership, pruning etc). Fundación de la Voz de los Viñedos will select four vineyard employees every month for the Vineyard Employee Recognition Award.

Eligibility: Full time, part-time or seasonal employees working in agriculture for a vineyard owner, vineyard management company or winery are eligible for the Vineyard Employee Recognition Award. Vineyard employees must be directly involved in the production of vineyards to participate in the program (e.g. Foreman, Field Worker etc). *Businesses may only nominate one employee per month and employees cannot win Employee Recognition Award for more than three consecutive years*

Nomination Deadline: All nominations must be submitted by the 10th of the month following the month of the award. (e.g. February applications are due March 10th). Nominations should be submitted via the online form or emailed to

Recognition: Recognition of all recipients will occur throughout the year. An advertisement will be placed in a local publication recognizing all employees recently selected and recipients of the award will receive gifts in the form of gift cards and branded outerwear. At the conclusion of each year, Fundación de la Voz de los Viñedos will host an award luncheon for all award recipients, their employers and family members.

Monthly Themes

January – Leadership

An employee whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others. He/she takes initiative, has a strong work ethic and character and continuously carries out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments.

February – Pruning

An employee with exceptional pruning skills: precision, accuracy, takes care of hand tools with care, trims the vines avoiding injury to themselves, their coworkers and the vines etc.

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March – Innovation/Creativity

An employee who excels at finding innovation solutions to complex problems. Someone who is quick on their feet and offers advice or ideas that display outside the box thinking.

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April – Conservation

In the spirit of Earth day, this month’s theme focuses on conservation of natural resources and sustainable practices. This employee goes above and beyond to ensure valuable natural resources are being conserved (e.g. water conservation, reducing energy consumption and/or embracing sustainable practices in their work etc).

May – Frost Protection

An employee who is integral during the winter months while monitoring for frost protection. He/she proactively manages brush or trees that prevent cool air from flowing through the vineyard, practice soil management, monitor for erosion, apply irrigation or wind machines strategically etc.

June – Determination

An employee who consistently displays hard work, courage and resilience when faced with a challenge. Someone who is always striving for continuous improvement, is dependable and takes initiative.

July – Canopy Management

An employee who excels in canopy management whether it be shoot positioning, hedging, leaf removal or cluster thinning. This employee excels in this area, promoting sugar and acid composition which further develops the aroma and flavor compounds in the grapes.

August – Safety

An employee who consistently ensures a safe work environment for themselves as well as their coworkers. They follow safety protocols to reduce mistakes and take extra safety precautions in extreme temperatures or when working on large farm equipment etc.

September – Harvest

An employee who displays incredible talent in any area of harvest tasks.

October – Harvest

An employee who displays incredible talent in any area of harvest tasks.

November – Collaboration

An employee who exemplifies teamwork and supports their peers. They listen to other perspectives or proactively jump in and support coworkers when necessary.

December – Vineyard Employee of the Year

December’s theme gives special recognition to an outstanding employee who has made exceptional contributions towards preserving Sonoma County agriculture.  This individual encompasses all 11 traits and skills highlighted through the Vineyard Employee Recognition Program.

Eligibility for December’s award is reserved for only those employees who received an Employee Recognition award during the current year (January – November winners are eligible). Employers will be asked to fill out an application nominating their employee for the Vineyard Employee of the Year. The Vineyard Employee of the Year will be announced and recognized at the annual celebratory luncheon in February of the following year.

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